Hillsdale College Center for Constitutional Studies

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Hillsdale College Center for Constitutional Studies

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Status: Complete
Website: http://kirbycenter.hillsdale.edu/

Hillsdale College bought three existing row houses built in the early 1900s near Union Station in Washington, DC that were converted to office space in the 1970's.

This adaptive reuse project removed the rear, non-historic portions of the building and preserved the front fašade, and built a new rear of the building to include a reception hall and teaching space, seminar rooms, student work and study lounges, and office space. The front plaza was renovated to provide a welcoming entrance to the center as well as an outdoor teaching space.

This project also involved all new MEP systems for the building. The HVAC system is a high-efficiency, variable-refrigerant-volume (VRV) system, with heat recovery features. An energy recovery ventilator transfers energy from the exhaust air to the incoming ventilation air. A high-efficiency, condensing hot water heater was provided for domestic hot water.

The building was designed to support the public interested in the constitution, scholars interested in research, statesmen looking for a forum for discussion, and students who will take classes in the building.

In 2014, WRL was engaged by the College to provide design services to modify several interior spaces to provide new functions related to the evolution of the program, including a small radio transmission room, additional faculty offices and a new seminar room.