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College of Arts & Architecture Master Plan

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Status: Plan

Westlake Reed Leskosky created a 20 year Master Plan for the College of Arts & Architecture, comprised of several academic and performing arts units, including: Theatre, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Art History, Integrative Arts, the Palmer Museum of Art, and the Center for Performing Arts. The College enrolls 1,900 students and currently possesses one million gross square feet of facilities across the University Park campus.

The goals for the Master Plan included: creating a recognizable Arts District within the campus, consolidating College programs, defining outlier site and buildings for future programs, and maintaining or reducing current operations (energy) costs while allowing for future growth and renovations.

The Comprehensive Master Plan
involved: assessment and planning for the number and types of performance, rehearsal, and support spaces for Music and Theatre; expansion of the School of Visual Arts; programming and planning for fabrication shops and emerging technology labs (MAKE labs); assessment and planning for the renovation of Eisenhower Auditorium and Schwab Auditorium to accommodate musical performances for the Center for the Performing Arts; assessment and planning for expansion location for the Palmer Museum of Art; and creating order of magnitude costs, phasing and implementation options.

Westlake Reed Leskosky submitted the final master plan report in February 2011.