Lone Tree Cultural Arts Center

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Lone Tree Cultural Arts Center

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Status: Complete

The new $19 million Lone Tree Arts Center is a state-of-the-art, sustainable and energy efficient facility for the arts, and a new focal point for the City of Lone Tree, Colorado. Expressing a forward-looking identity for this growing community, the 43,000 SF facility is as a vibrant and multipurpose community center, with flexible space for a range of cultural arts performances, meetings and events.

Set in the RidgeGate development on a 5.8-acre site, the Lone Tree Arts Center includes a 500-seat proscenium theatre, large multipurpose room, events lobby/gallery space, performance support and administrative space and public plaza area. A key feature of the design is the use of variable enclosures. The multipurpose room contains a movable wall that opens the space to an outdoor terrace garden that functions as an informal amphitheatre.

A two-story glass lobby looks out over the entry plaza and terminates the axis connecting the new cultural arts center with a planned "mall" area that is contiguous to a park. An angular metal roof is a critical component of the design as the building sits at a lower elevation than surrounding houses and can be seen from above by many community members. The mass of the building is constructed from buff Colorado sandstone and stucco.

The Lone Tree Arts Center was designed for maximum energy efficiency and LEED certification. The project is publicly funded, with money for additional enhancements raised by the Lone Tree Cultural Arts Foundation.