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Clemens Center

Elmira, New York    map
Status: Complete

The Clemens Center honors Samuel Clemens in his adopted home of Elmira, New York. Westlake Reed Leskosky developed a master plan to be implemented in two phases. Phase 1 architectural and engineering work, completed in 1999, has restored the Clemens Center's place as one of the most significant venues for the performing arts in the region, and paves the way for future improvements. Premium fixtures and finishes provide a rich and theatrical environment that includes Italian porcelain ceramics, encaustic plaster and a harlequin terrazzo floor that serves to unify spaces inside and out. Phase 2 improvements, completed in August 2008, encompass stagehouse and performer support expansion and the restoration and renovation of the auditorium, based on the Westlake Reed Leskosky Master Plan.