New Theatre

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New Theatre

Status: Plan

Westlake Reed Leskosky designed an innovative new theatre as a future addition to a new public magnet school for 775 students in grades 6 through 12. Designed to be a visible symbol of the arts in the community, the proposed theatre features a unique envelope and a performance space with unparalleled flexibility. The building has a double glazed skin with the outer layer of a different geometry than the inner, enclosing layer. The overlap of the two produces interesting effects of transparency and focuses attention on the interplay of solid and void, further enhanced by lighting in the spaces between the two layers. The outer layer is perforated and functions as a theatrical scrim, selectively revealing the activity within and/or serving as a screen for projected digital media. The theatre can be connected to the external environment via variably enclosed glass sidewalls.

The performance space is designed as a multi-form venue that can be transformed to at least ten different arrangements, including: thrust, end stage (proscenium), in-the-round, three-quarter thrust, and avenue (runway). The single theatre features four floor sections that can be raised and lowered like elevator platforms in order to accommodate a wide variety of uses and audience sizes ranging from soloists to large ensembles and gallery shows to special events. The space features variable acoustic elements such as reflectors and drapes and rigging, lighting and audio systems that adapt to all of the modes of use and performances.

WRL is the lead designer for the new theatre and is providing MEP and all technology design, including audiovisual, IT, security and theatrical systems, for the new school and theatre.