Ohio Theatre Lobby Restoration

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Ohio Theatre Lobby Restoration

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Status: Complete
Website: https://www.panono.com/p/A0FnLn9CiUUq/album/898xpy3lN13L

The restoration of the Ohio Theatre Lobby marks four decades of Westlake Reed Leskosky's involvement in the design and execution of the largest renovated Theatre District in the United States. The project returns the massive space, which had been destroyed by fire in 1964 and had undergone a modest remodel in the 1980s, to its 1921 neoclassical splendor.

WRL, responsible for the architectural and engineering design, worked closely with EverGreene Architectural Arts, the restoration expert who provided the physical labor on the project. Painstaking research by our firm and EverGreene recreated the original paint colors, plaster ornaments, columns, and other décor to accurately replicate the original Thomas Lamb design. Acrylic paint and glazes were all hand applied and wiped on the 150-foot long ceiling. WRL designed the sprinklers and air returns necessary for modern systems and codes compliance to hide within the ornamental plaster elements. Three 30- by 10-foot murals-recreated from originals that were inspired by 17th century French painter Nicolas Poussin-along with two fireplaces and four-foot high marble and mahogany accents adorn the walls. Historic chandeliers (though not the originals) were restored, cleaned, and rewired and the original carpet was recreated.

An associated project expanded the women's restroom by 40%. The theatre was fully operational during the entire restoration process.