Barbara Antonsen Memorial Park Amphitheatre

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Barbara Antonsen Memorial Park Amphitheatre

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Status: Plan

WRL recently won the competition for the City of Sedona to design a new covered outdoor performance venue at Barbara Antonsen Memorial Park surrounded by the unique red sandstone formations of Sedona. The design includes a covered performance area with outdoor, shaded seating for 200-300 patrons and the requisite support program: restrooms, dressing rooms, and storage, technology and equipment infrastructure, and site/landscape design.

WRL's design concept takes its cue from the history of Sedona itself and is based on the experience of the site from the perspective of three simple elements: red terra firma, the surrounding views of spectacular red sandstone cliffs, and the deep blue sky overhead.

WRL's design choreographs the visitor experience from one's initial arrival into a red entry plaza to the patron's descent along a natural pathway into the amphitheatre itself that is surrounded by breathtaking views of Sedona's red cliffs. The site design re-uses as much of the existing site conditions as possible including re-using an existing berm as a sound buffer in order to complement the existing landscape and reduce project cost. A structured entry court integrates existing trees with new allées of shade canopy trees to define the pathways and arrival points into the amphitheatre. The covered performance area integrates and balances both acoustical and lighting needs of the venue. The canopy's structural elements 'reach' over a portion of the lawn seating to support a modern "Latilla" shade structure made of simple, lightweight tubes, to supplement the shade provided by carefully placed trees.