Saint Luke's Hospital: Phase 3 East Wing Renovation

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Saint Luke's Hospital: Phase 3 East Wing Renovation

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Status: Complete

Westlake Reed Leskosky designed the final phase of a three phase adaptive re-use and renovation of Saint Luke's, a historic, six-story, former hospital building. Phases 1 and 2 comprise a multi-unit apartment complex for senior residents, designed by a previous architect. Phase 3 is located in the eastern wing of the building and includes multiple commercial and educational tenants, anchored by a
K-8 charter school, which occupies the majority of levels one through four.

The K-8 charter school designed by WRL includes 16 classrooms, administration offices, academic support spaces and a multi-purpose gymnasium/cafeteria/ auditorium, which was renovated and adapted from the hospital's original, historic Prentiss Auditorium.

Other tenant spaces designed by WRL include a Boys & Girls Club, two Pre K classrooms, fitness and locker rooms, and a medical suite. WRL also designed the circulation and security systems to control the multiple tenants which occupy and share common spaces throughout Phase 3. The security systems are intended to comply with today's standards for schools, while maintaining comfort, efficiency and interconnectivity of the tenants.

Saint Luke's Hospital is on the National Register of Historic Places. Phase 3 work included preservation of the exterior facades and restoration of the historic interior spaces, including the Prentiss Auditorium and its ornate marble entrance lobby.