Buffalo Bill Center of the West

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Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Cody, Wyoming    map
Status: Construct
Website: http://centerofthewest.org/

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West is located in Cody, Wyoming at the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The Center is a collection of five museums focused on the history, culture, and landscape of the West. There are over a million visitors who travel through Cody each summer to visit the park. Westlake Reed Leskosky has worked on a number of related projects for the Center, including a site master plan, a design for a new education center, and a design for a re-imagined main entrance.

For the site master plan, WRL evaluated the existing patron arrival and visit experience at the Center, and made recommendations to improve the patron experience and way finding from arrival through departure.

WRL also designed a new 30,000 SF Firearms Experience and Education Center. With the goal of increasing visitor traffic to the Center, the Firearms Experience was to contain both live and simulated firing ranges, exhibits, and classrooms with distance learning capabilities. WRL's design allowed flexibility in exhibit planning and use of space, as well as providing interactive engagement blending exhibits and the architecture into one. Event terraces provide a place for outdoor education and a connection to mountains and Yellowstone Park beyond. The phased design was integrated into established pedestrian and vehicular patterns to maintain ongoing operations during construction.

Finally, to celebrate and emphasize the vast collections of the Center, WRL designed a new main entry for the Center that includes a new facade and entry plaza. The new dynamic facade integrates a state of the art LED mesh behind perforated bronze panels to enliven the fašade with the center's extensive photography collection, allowing the museum experience to begin before entering the building.