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Renwick Gallery

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Status: Construct

Westlake Reed Leskosky was commissioned to design a $20 million renovation of the Renwick Gallery, initially constructed in 1859 and last renovated in 1967-1972.

The scope of work included: chilled water, HVAC, and electrical systems, fire alarm and life safety systems, roof repairs, roof drainage system, improving energy efficiency, exterior fašade repairs, visitor entrance accessibility, restroom upgrades, electronic security modernization, water conservation and use of high efficiency plumbing fixture and plumbing code compliance, and anti-terrorism improvements.

WRL designed HVAC systems to maintain close temperature and humidity control within gallery spaces, which include a 40 foot high Grand Salon. Air-handling units use fan-array technology, UVC lamps to limit microbial growth on cooling coils, and ultrasonic humidification. WRL also specified performance upgrades to existing building envelope components in order to reduce condensation risk and air infiltration. Heavy use of LED exhibit lighting was planned, with a goal for the facility to be the first all-LED museum in the United States. The project is targeting a 30% reduction below an ASHRAE 90.1-2007 baseline and LEED NC Silver certification.