Gartner Auditorium Renovation

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Gartner Auditorium Renovation

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Status: Complete

Westlake Reed Leskosky renovated the Gartner Auditorium in the Cleveland Museum of Art. The space, originally designed by Marcel Breuer in 1971, needed to be re-imaged, re-tuned, and technologically upgraded to accommodate the changing outreach and education needs of the Museum. The space now hosts films, lectures, dance and chamber music performances.

The project included the redesign of the walls, ceilings, and the stage for architectural and acoustic purposes. New lighting and theatrical equipment and access were integrated into the built fabric of the renovation. Upgrades to materials and finishes were also included. New paneling created of metal frames backed by theatrical scrim visually replicates the original wood paneling and conceals variable acoustic draperies and sound chambers behind them. The ceiling was altered to be more acoustically transparent to capture the acoustic volume above the ceiling plate.

The auditorium re-opened in February 2010.