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Debra Ann November Wing, The Lerner School for Autism

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Status: Complete

The new Debra Ann November Wing, The Lerner School for Autism, at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital is a benchmark facility for the programming and design of an environment specifically for people with autism, from infants to early adulthood. The 24,000 square foot single-story building expresses a strong modernist simplicity and clarity of purpose, with a forward-thinking image that supports one of the country's premier healthcare institutions and its leadership in the pedagogy and treatment of autism. Programmed for the widely varying needs of people with autism, for services that are highly individualized, and for outreach and family support, the school serves 80 children with a staff of 100. It includes eight classroom suites that address different age groups, ranging from infant and toddler to activities of daily living and adult and vocational training.