Health Care

Westlake Reed Leskosky has been a leading force defining national healthcare architecture for nearly a century. Our healthcare architects have implemented innovative designs in patient focused care, pioneered specialty facilities for unique medical procedures and equipment, and designed collaborative research facilities that are models in the health care field. This advancement of the state-of-the-art draws upon a wealth of experience in every aspect of healthcare design, programming, and planning -   more › from medical office buildings, parking garages, and the skillful phasing of complex renovations to new specialty clinics, internationally recognized centers of excellence, and facilities supporting medical delivery.

Our healthcare architects understand the business of healthcare and are cognizant of the practical as well as aesthetic issues that must be mediated in health care facility design and planning. We have designed medical facilities and ambulatory clinics that serve as revenue centers, upgraded outmoded facilities without interrupting operations, and planned campuses that move patients efficiently through a system of care. As integrated networks, wellness, education, and new concepts became the norm, we grasped the economic ramifications and impact of a full spectrum of physical responses, from capital investment to operating expenses. Our healthcare architecture and planning begin with an understanding of the provider's mission and the vision of a flexible, healing environment that embraces change.   ‹ less