Integrated Design

Our studio is fundamentally organized to involve all design disciplines and project stakeholders in a collaborative, integrated design process from project outset and conceptual design through implementation and commissioning.

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Sustainable Design

Sustainability is considered on all projects at Westlake Reed Leskosky. Using an integrated design approach, team members seek to reduce the operating footprint of its buildings, while creating productive, healthy, and long-lasting interior environments.

WRL has considerable experience with environmentally preferred materials selection, energy efficient design, and improved indoor environmental quality... design. Energy modeling, daylight analysis, dynamic thermal simulation, building information modeling (BIM), and cradle-to-cradle materials analysis are used throughout the design process to optimize life-cycle performance and improve our final work product.

WRL was an early adopter of the United States Green Building Council's LEED rating system and has demonstrated expertise with use of LEED to drive environmental design on a wide range of projects. WRL was honored in 2010 as one of the Top 100 Green Design firms in the United States.

Our projects consider all aspects of building design and construction and incorporate such elements as natural ventilation, low VOC paints and adhesives, materials with high recycled and regional content, improved air filtration media, and dozens of other practices that enhance indoor environmental quality and reduce resource consumption. Examples of highly successful projects include the Metzenbaum U.S. Courthouse, featured by the General Services Administration in their "Sustainability Matters" publication.

Westlake Reed Leskosky is an adopter of the Architecture 2030 challenge and is an EPA Energy Star Partner. Over 40 members of our staff is LEED accredited.

Architecture and Interior Design

Westlake Reed Leskosky is a full service, integrated design firm with the complete spectrum of interior architecture and design services, encompassing programming and space planning, color and material selection, furnishings, fixtures and equipment selection and specifications and standards programs.

Philosophically, our firm does not make a hard distinction between... architecture and interior design, preferring a more holistic approach to design; accordingly, our architects and interior designers work in a collaborative, integrated process, synthesizing space planning and three-dimensional thinking with such elements as color, finishes and materials selection that are traditionally the exclusive domain of interior designers.


Westlake Reed Leskosky provides comprehensive fully-integrated design and management services including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, fire protection, and data communications engineering. Our engineering services strategically complement our architectural services, facilitating the design process and providing our clients with strong, functional, highly efficient facilities and cost-saving systems.

Our engineers are experienced... in their respective fields at solving complex problems and troubleshooting potential difficulties within the special circumstances surrounding many types of projects, often assuring continuity of operations, mission critical components, and protection against system failure. WRL engineering projects have been recognized nationally by ASHRAE, AIA, and the GSA.

All engineering work in North Carolina will be offered/performed by our associated entity, WRL Engineering NC, PLLC.

Innovative Technology Design Group

Westlake Reed Leskosky's Innovative Technology Design Group (ITDG) offers design and specification services in the disciplines vital to the success of technology immersive projects: Acoustics, Audio-Visual, Information Technology, Lighting, Building Management Systems, Security and Life Safety Systems, Specialty Interiors, and Theatre Technical Systems. ITDG's goal is to provide our... clients with project-tailored expertise in implementing new technology strategies, improving or complementing existing technology, or replacing aging systems. Our portfolio of projects includes new construction, adaptive re-use, renovations, and restorations of existing facilities representing a variety of building types from performing arts centers and museums to healthcare, educational and workplace environments. ITDG's well-trained consultants are former professionals in their respective fields, leaders in industry organizations, and licensed/certified, degreed professionals who believe that the key to a successful solution is based on providing excellence in fulfilling project obligations completely, confidently, reliably, and within project scope and budget.

Westlake Reed Leskosky provides integrated Acoustic Design solutions for music and theatre spaces, museums, institutional buildings, lecture halls, meeting rooms, courtrooms, healthcare facilities and other acoustically-sensitive environments. Services include room acoustic design and analysis, internal and external acoustic isolation, and noise control of building systems.
Acoustics strategies are communicated in a language that is understood by design and construction teams as well as owners and users. Westlake Reed Leskosky acoustic design services span the full length of the project, from initial programming, space planning and room shaping, through detailed design and documentation, construction and commissioning. This approach results in built acoustics solutions that integrate with architectural form, materials, structure, building systems and production equipment, and do not draw undue attention to themselves.

Audio-Visual Design
Westlake Reed Leskosky provides in-house audio-visual design and specification services, including: performance audio; permanent and temporary performance video systems for lecture halls and auditoria; technical audio-video for the performing and cultural arts; IMAG systems, digital and 35mm film projection and audio systems design, digital signage systems; healthcare paging/background music systems; courtroom and other civic audio-visual design; classroom audio-visual design; distance learning; executive boardroom and conference room design including video and audio conferencing; and architectural room optimizing for audio-visual integration for both new and existing facilities ensuring up-to-date operating conditions. Westlake Reed Leskosky also performs existing conditions surveys, coordinates equipment installations, and inspects and commissions AV systems.

Information Technology Systems Design
ITDG's IT team provides comprehensive network infrastructure solutions to enhance your IT performance while integrating additional services and applications. Services include network design, including technology room layouts, design and implementation of network infrastructures, development of network management systems, and wireless solutions. Information Technology systems also include: nurse call systems, GPS synchronized clock systems, master synchronized clock systems, time & attendance clock systems, patient monitoring & telemetry interconnection systems, hearing impaired systems, building automation interconnection systems, satellite communication systems, and central television antenna distribution systems, both broadcast and cable.

Lighting Design
Lighting is one of the single most important impacts on the success of a designed space. Lighting sets the mood, atmosphere and momentum of an environment through the use of direction, color, and movement. Successful lighting can accentuate or highlight important architectural features in addition to providing the means to see the task at hand. Improper lighting can have detrimental impact on the perception of a space as well as effects on the occupants. Westlake Reed Leskosky's Innovative Technology Design Group (ITDG) provides cost efficient solutions in general, task, and accent lighting that are both pleasing to the senses and space defining. ITDG provides system design and specifications, ROI life-cost analysis, control systems design, day lighting analysis, and "green" solutions.

Life Safety and Security
ITDG develops safety and security solutions that combine architecture and the latest state-of-the-art technology. We take an integrated approach to safety and security in which all elements fit together in a harmonious, proactive, and cost effective whole. Focusing on meeting the needs of institutional clients, we offer a broad range of services that include: Risk Assessments, Security Surveys, Life Safety Surveys, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Asset Protection, Security Lighting, Video Surveillance Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Area of Rescue Assistance Systems and Emergency Call Boxes. Our approach to the assessment, design and integration of these physical security systems balances common sense and convenience with threat assessment and emergency planning.

Building Management Systems
Building Management Systems, including show control and room automation, simplify and unify technology within a space, department, facility, or campus wide. Our solutions provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand user interface with backend support to control lighting, projection, audio, and even internet connectivity, facilitating seamless corporate presentations and educational endeavors. ITDG meets with the client to develop a user interface that works with particular presentation styles and that considers multiple user spaces.

Specialized Interiors
ITDG's interior design specialists work with design team members and the client to provide aesthetic solutions to technology integration. Services include: design and specification of standard and custom millwork and casework, palette and fabric choices to maximize video conferencing and tele-presence effectiveness, window and glazing treatments, and working with our acoustician to design acoustical room treatments to minimize the space's impact on speech .

Theatrical Performance Systems
Westlake Reed Leskosky offers considerable expertise in the performance systems that are behind the scenes of every performance venue. With professional experience in technical directing and stage managing, our performance systems designers understand the stage and back-of-house support technology that is necessary to meet expectations of today's sophisticated audiences and theatre operators.

Westlake Reed Leskosky's services include the design and specification of: manual and motorized stage rigging, audio-visual systems, stage machinery, lighting, soft goods, and fixed seating. Stage machinery design encompasses orchestra shells, orchestra pit filler platforms and lifts, turntables and stage lifts, and one-of-a-kind applications and control systems. Theatrical lighting design includes: performance lighting and dimming infrastructure, front of house lighting, and follow spot locations, all of which incorporate the latest computer controlled stage lighting fixtures and control systems on the market. Westlake Reed Leskosky can design and specify all soft goods including stage drapery, fire curtain, stage valance and associated house drapery, acoustics and decorative auditorium drapery. Theatrical seating expertise includes: seating configurations to accommodate ADA seating and proper sightlines, seating specification, and fabric selection and specification. Westlake Reed Leskosky also performs existing condition surveys and inspections as well as new equipment installation inspections and commissioning of theatre technical systems.

Historic Tax Credits

Westlake Reed Leskosky facilitates the 'Historic Preservation Certification Application' process required for projects that involve properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places to utilize Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits. Available credit amounts to 20% of the cost of putting a building back into productive use, and therefore can be... a substantial component of a project budget. The application involves verification of National Register status, detailed synopsis of the architectural aspects of the project and the impact of the proposed work, and verification that the work was completed as described and in conformance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation, as determined by the applicable State Historic Preservation Office, and the National Park Service.

Building Physics

Westlake Reed Leskosky provides a full range of building physics modeling and analysis services, including ASHRAE Level 1, 2, and 3 energy auditing and assistance with compliance with new energy benchmarking laws, including NYC Local Law 87.

Energy modeling
Performance-based energy modeling allows us to estimate the impact of design options... on a building's annual energy use. WRL is able to benchmark performance to a wide range of systems, including ASHRAE Standards 90.1 & 189P.1, Energy Star, International Energy Conservation Code, and state specific codes. Using parametric analysis, designs are optimized to achieve reductions in life-cycle cost and greenhouse gas emissions for compliance with institutional and government mandated goals.

Renewable energy
WRL employs the use of advanced climate and 3D modeling software to optimize on-site renewable energy generation from wind and solar resources, within the framework of available incentives, rebates, and tax credit programs. Analysis provides the due diligence required to ensure the investment provides a sound return. GeoExchange heating and cooling analysis can be provided to best leverage the use of the ground as a thermal flywheel.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
CFD modeling allows environmental systems designs to be tested virtually to achieve the best performance to cost ratio, while reducing overall project risk. Models can be developed to evaluate thermal comfort, natural ventilation, laboratory contaminant migration, smoke control systems, radiant cooling and heating, displacement ventilation, and stairwell pressurization systems.

Facade analysis
The building envelope controls the movement of heat, air and moisture in and out of a building. Analysis of condensation risk, infi ltration potential, and fenestration performance reduces risk of indoor air quality and object conservation issues, while protecting the building itself from long-term environmental damage. 2D and 3D heat transfer modeling aligned with NFRC standards, allows performance criteria to be met within a given budget.

Dynamic simulation is used to visualize the integrated impact of architectural design, electric lighting, and interior finishes on the indoor environment and energy consumption. Simulation modeling feedback is used to optimize design features such as light shelves, and interior lighting control systems for glare and solar gain reduction, while increasing daylight autonomy. Luminous efficacy and lighting power density calculations verify work surfaces meet IESNA standards.

Water conservation
Grey water reuse and rainwater harvesting are methods of reducing use of potable domestic water and demand on storm and sanitary sewage systems. Systems realize cost benefits from reduced municipal water charges as well as sewage fees. Topographical climate data is fused with building demand calculations to determine tank sizing and system payback.

Building Information Modeling
BIM is used to develop a unified geometric representation of a building for rapid energy and indoor environmental quality analysis early in a building's design process. Embedded model information is used to reduce waste in design and construction, improve operations and maintenance programs, and enable clearer visualization of building concepts and project phasing.

Lighting Design

Lighting is one of the single most important impacts on the success of a designed space. Lighting sets the mood, atmosphere and momentum of an environment through the use of direction, color, and movement. Successful lighting can accentuate or highlight important architectural features in addition to providing the means to... see the task at hand. Improper lighting can have detrimental impact on the perception of a space as well as effects on the occupants. Westlake Reed Leskosky's Innovative Technology Design Group (ITDG) provides cost efficient solutions in general, task, and accent lighting that are both pleasing to the senses and space defining. ITDG provides system design and specifications, ROI life-cost analysis, control systems design, day lighting analysis, and "green" solutions.